Our Range of services include


Worried about land productivity, crop performance, or pest and diseases, or any crop production related matters?

Our experienced team of crop and soil scientists is ready to answer all your questions and proffer valuable solutions.

Land evaluation and soil testing

Planting the right crop on the right land with the right nutrient minimizes the risk of crop failure and loss.

Our land evaluation and soil testing service verifies the suitability of a land to a target crops as well as deermines the right amount of fertilizers needed to optimize yield.

Supply of planting materials

We supply high yielding disease free planting materials such as:

Plantain suckers

Pineapple suckers

Castor seeds

Citrus-(orange, lemon and lime seedlings)

Oil palm seedlings

Cocoa pods and seedlings

Farm establishment

Farm establishment services like land clearing and planting, and other farm management operations like weeding, pruning and harvesting.


We offer well tailored trainings on irrigation scheduling, composting, food processing, produce marketing and so much more.